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Цитата третий абзац с Одним словом, где Иван Грозный в великой печали склонился у. А как назвать Александр Невский был Позднее ту же политику проводил Иван Калита. Александр Невский. Спаситель Русской земли читать онлайн. Каноническая фигура Александра. Крах доллара и распад США читать онлайн. Когда в Известиях вышел материл Панарина о. 57 год до нашей эры после года изгнания Цицерон вновь приглашается в Рим. Иван Данилович.

His so-called Edict of Milan officially granted full tolerance to Christianity and all religions in the Empire. Sometimes this man is described as a Moor or an Ottoman Turk.

The true meaning of the city emblem is unknown. Constantine is venerated as a saint by the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic Church. In Constantine summoned the Council of Nicaea modern Iznik, Turkey , regarded as the first Ecumenical Council, most known for its dealing with Arianism and for instituting the Nicene Creed.

It is said that from this point forward due to the structure of the Nicene Creed, everything in the known world was registered under what is currently known as Manna World Holding Trust. In current times the official currency of the Kingdom of Manna is Aureus.

It is also known as a gold coin of ancient Rome and the first currency of the Roman Empire that was later registered in to the Trust. The aureus was regularly issued from the 1 st century BCE to the beginning of the 4 th century AD, when it was replaced by the solidus under Constantine the Great.

Constantine was a Roman Emperor of Illyrian origin. He was born in modern Serbian city of Naissus. The name is sometimes rendered Nish or Nissa in English. Interestingly, Old Nissa in modern Turkmenistan is considered as the home of Odin and his gods.

Central element of its coat of arms is the double-headed eagle. The Balkans are associated with the appearance of the Order of the Dragon in the beginning of the 15 th century see Section II. He won a series of civil wars and became sole ruler of both West and East by In Constantine started largest construction in ancient Byzantium former Greek colony existed from the 7 th century BCE to make it the new capital of the Roman Empire.

Named after its founder Constantinople Nova Roma was the largest and wealthiest city in Europe until its looting by the Fourth Crusade in the early 13 th century.

This city on the Bosphorus was the most important center of Christianity and theology. The origins of the name of Byzantium are not entirely clear, though some suggest it is of Thraco-Illyrian origin.

The first known settlement on the site of Constantinople is believed to be of Thracian origin founded between the 13 th and 11 th century BCE.

Giza world known for its gigantic pyramids created rather by the Lemurians than ancient Egyptians which even did not have any sophisticated technologies for building of such complex structures , Alexandria founded circa BCE by Alexander the Great , Constantinople inaugurated in by Constantine the Great , Kiev capital of Rus , the first East Slavic state, where the Archangel Michael was depicted on the seals used by the Kievan grand princes , Saint Petersburg founded in by Peter the Great are all located on the Nile Meridian.

It is believed that this is the plan of the Egyptian priests laying new capitals on the Nile Meridian as their sacred constellation Orion or the Heavenly boat of the god Ra moved along the Milky Way from the south to the north. Each of the above cities was the capital of the world empire, ruling the minds of contemporaries and vast territories. The circumstances of appearance on the world arena of these capitals are the same, with the exception of Kiev, which was already a large city even before the reign of Oleg the Prophet, the founder of Kievan Rus who came to Kiev from Veliky Novgorod.

The above reference to the Egyptian priests is conditional. This group of influential people or beings is unknown, but they had the constant power to convince the charismatic and most influential earthly rules Alexander the Great — BCE , Constantine the Great — , Peter the Great — to erect their capitals on the Nile Meridian. Thanks to the novel by Bram Stoker, Count Dracula, who lived in Transylvania, became one of the most famous characters in international folklore.

It is believed that his historic prototype was the Wallachian prince Vlad Tepes, who lived in the 15 th century. At the time of the creation of the Order, Sigismund was the King of Hungary and needed allies.

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  • They mainly came from the ruling families of Central and Eastern Europe, formerly influenced by the Eastern Roman Empire Byzantium , in the place of which it was destined to grow a powerful Ottoman Empire. Name Vasily comes from Basileus, a Greek term and title that has signified various types of monarchs. The title was used by the Byzantine emperors, and has a longer history of use by sovereigns.

    The etymology of Basileus is related to Basilisk, a legendary reptile reputed to be King of serpents. In , Sigismund, wishing to expand the Order of the Dragon, invited influential feudal lords and successful military leaders.

    Among them was Vlad II, a vassal at the court of Sigismund, to whom he had entrusted to defend the southern borders of Transylvania from Turkish raids. After the adoption of Vlad II in the Order of the Dragon, Sigismund crowned him with as the ruler of Wallachia part of modern Romania and allowed to mint royal coins depicting a dragon. Changing the suzerain and allies depending on the situation, Vlad II was killed by them in Later he became an active participant in the anti-Turkish wars.

    Vlad was not crueler than the Turks themselves or other rulers of that time. It is unlikely that he was even a member of the dying Dragon Order, because the killers of his father still could be in the Order. Without him, the Order of the Dragon began to lose its former importance and influence. The emperor did not leave the heir in the male line. His daughter Elizabeth became the wife of Albrecht II, the first Habsburg who united Austria, Czech, Hungary and Germany under her authority after the death of her father-in-law.

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    Elizabeth was in the Order of the Dragon, renewed by her father. In her father valiantly saved the life of Sigismund during the battle of Nikopol in northern Bulgaria with the Turkish sultan Bayazit , who was a big threat to whole Europe. Widowed Sigismund married Barbara in , including for political reasons, to strengthen personal power. Some sources indicate their connection with the Royal Scythians and rulers of Egypt.

    The above Habsburgs became the longest-lived and at one time the most powerful dynasty in Europe. Napoleon married exactly the representative of the Habsburg family to look like a true monarch.

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    Of course, the Order of the Dragon had predecessors. The knowledge of many came from the heritage of the Anunnaki or Elohim. At all times there were people who tried to support and pass on the ancient tradition associated with the wisdom of the great dragons.

    Since ancient times, it is known about the participation of the reptilian civilizations the Wise Serpents of the Pleiades in the emergence and development of mankind. The reptilian traces are also found in the Ubaid culture influenced the founders of ancient Manna kingdom. Borgo is a mountain pass in Transylvania, almost on the border with Bukovina Eastern Carpathians. Interestingly, the Moscow Kremlin is located on the hill named Bor. In the book of Bram Stoker the castle of Dracula was near the Borgo Pass, but in reality no one had ever seen it.

    The distance from the place of the alleged Dracula castle on the top of the mountain near the Borgo Pass to the important points of ancient civilizations is a multiple of km. This mountain at the Borgo Pass is designated on the local maps as the peak of m. The mountain has two peaks, like Elbrus and Ararat. This might be another clue and confirmation of certain sacredness prior to the story of Dracula.

    Symbolic is the date of passing away of Bram Stoker. It happened on April 20 that is the Navi day of the Slavs. They used to perform the rite of resurrection of the dead on this day. For fans of Stoker, a hotel in the style of the supposed castle of Count Dracula was built on the pass in the 20 th century.

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    The monument to this writer is set next to the hotel of the same name on the pass. He has given it a supernatural atmosphere. According to the Romanians themselves, Bram Stoker made more for the development of tourism in Romania than all the ministers. Later it turns out that the mysterious driver was Count Dracula himself. Since then, the Borgo Pass has been invariably present in literature and films about Dracula. Patrick with King of the Serpents.

    Being a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn that operated in Great Britain and had a huge impact on the occult occultism of the 20 th century, Bram Stoker could use its materials and deliberately hand them out to the world in veiled form.

    For example, the arrival of Dracula from Transylvania to England.

    On the coat of arms Whitby three snakes are depicted. It is believed that they symbolize the widespread ammonites here. Locals call them snake stones. There may be a deeper meaning behind this, perhaps even related to the famous snake energy. Kundalini is always depicted as a coiled snake. Whitby is located in the county of North Yorkshire.

    He was born in the Western Balkans, which in a thousand years would be related to creation of the Order of the Dragon. Few centuries later it would become the final destination of the Bulgarians, some of the ancestors of the Kazan Tatars. Scientists still do not have an unequivocal answer to the question of who these Bulgarians were.

    The Order of Constantine is regarded as the oldest award on the planet. In honor of this York, the York American charter is named.

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    It is one of the important statutes of the international fraternity of Freemasons. In York is the official residence of the Order of the Dragon. A member of this Order was father of Vlad the Impaler Dracula. The old relationship of Great Britain with Transylvania is also confirmed by the relationship of its royal family with the historical Vlad Tepes, nicknamed Dracula. In an interview, the son of the Queen of Great Britain, the Prince of Wales Charles, who has bought an estate in Transylvania, admitted that he was a distant relative of this ruler.

    The flag of Wales, whose prince is Charles, is adorned by the Red Dragon. It is believed that it has been a symbol of Wales and Britain since time immemorial. The legends of Merlin say that the red dragon symbolizes the people of Britain. It is believed that the name of the confederation of Celtic tribes The Volcae could be given to the first Romanized Celts, and then to Wallachians, the principality of which was ruled in the 15 th century by Vlad the Impaler Dracula.

    According to Romanian researchers, Charles is a relative of Vlad in the 16 th generation.

    The Dragon depicts its coat of arms, akin to Wales. He is the grand cousin nephew of the last Russian emperor Nicholas II , who was born on the day of Job the Long-suffering. The prince was named in honor of the Russian Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich, the younger brother of Nicholas II and the cousin of both grandfathers and one of the grandmothers of the prince.

    It is symbolic that this is not only the Day of National Unity, but also the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, inextricably linked with the ancient heritage of Russia and the Great Tartary.